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X FACTOR Jewelry - Comes With The Feel Good Factor 0

No matter which outfit watch it transform when gypsy dangler or Grace Kelly pearl peepers are placed onto the lobe
Jewelery speaks volumes about you. Make sure it sends all the right signals.

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry Insider Secrets 0

Have you seen similar silver jewelry sold at price difference of two to three times from different retailers?  Have you ever wondered how retailers mark up the jewelry after they get them from the venders?  Here we will show you the wholesale trading secrets of sterling silver jewelry.

Wholesale gold jewelry trading guide for entrepreneurs 0

For those of you who are thinking about selling gold jewelry, it is crucial that you understand fully how to determine the price for gold jewelry.  Not only this can help you to tell a good deal from a bad one, it also helps to analyze your competitors and understand the market better before you make any investment.

What Do Wedding Rings Speak About? 0

Wedding rings are more than what they may look like, a precious combination of metals and stones, as this article speaks citing historical facts.

Tips for Buying Big Diamonds on a Small Budget 0

Few diamond shoppers can walk into a high-end jewelry store and buy a 5-carat, D color, Internally Flawless diamond with Ideal cut parameters.  If you are like most diamond shoppers, you have a limited budget.  However, you still want to get the biggest and most beautiful diamond within your budget.  You can take some simple steps that will ensure you get the biggest diamond possible.

Three Things You Should Know About Gold Wedding Bands 0

Three Things You Should Know About Gold Wedding Bands

When it comes to buying a gold wedding band, things can get confusing fast. What color gold do you want? What karat will suit your lifestyle?

The Meaning Of Diamond Promise Rings 0

Diamond promise rings have increased in popularity in recent years. Everyone from celebrity couples to young couples in middle America seems to have them. Promise rings come in a variety of styles and center stones. They can be given for a variety of reasons, but are mostly used by couples intending to marry sometime in the future.

The Meaning of Diamond Promise Rings

Promise rings are usually given as a symbol of love and commitment. They are often given with the int...

The Many Styles Of Celtic Engagement Rings 0

Irish traditions are rich and full of both whimsy and sentiment. This is especially true when it comes to weddings and marriage. The Irish symbolize beautifully the real meaning of marriage with their wedding rings. Celtic engagement rings and wedding bands have a style all their own, but still lend themselves to adding your own personal touches. An antique gold ring with the telltale woven pattern is the perfect symbol of the blending of two lives.
Designing Your Celtic ...

The Latest Trends In Diamond Engagement Rings 0

The engagement ring is a symbol of a promise. The promise is the intention to marry. Such “promise” or “betrothal” rings have probably been around since the 4th century, but their style and has changed dramatically, even if the meaning and tradition remains unchanged.

It began with the Roman Empire. Those betrothed wore an iron ring in private and adorned a more elaborate gold ring during public appearances. The traditional diamond engagement ring didn’t come into play unt...

The Gift That Glistens In Every Land 0

Three thousand years ago, when the leader of one tribal group chose to visit a second tribal leader, he brought with him many gifts. Among those gifts, he invariably included some large and shiny pieces of jewelry.

That jewelry was undoubtedly made out of gold. It might have included bracelets, rings, chains and even a lovely, gold jewel case. That long-accepted gift, the gift of jewelry, has found favor with many generations, and it has become a popular gift in countries ...

Six common questions about sterling silver jewelry 0

Sterling silver jewelry has been a popular commodity for thousands of years.  One of the obvious reasons is the affordability over other precious metals gold and platinum.  The large variety of sterling silver jewelry requires certain knowledge in order to choose the right piece and also keep it in good condition as long as possible.  The followings are the most common questions concerning sterling silver jewelry.

Secrets To Purchasing An Elegant Diamond Engagement Ring 0

The absolute best way to show a bride how much she is loved is by choosing or creating a diamond engagement ring that she can adore forever. Creating a beautiful diamond engagement ring entails choosing a high quality diamond and the setting it is placed into. Picking out the setting is purely aesthetic, but to obtain a high quality diamond you must understand the "4 C's," cut, color, clarity and carats.