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 Say Goodbye To The Dark Tarnished Surface And Give Your Silver Jewelry A Sizzling, Brand New Look!

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Do you hate to see your favorite piece of silver jewelry getting dull and less shiny? Are you noticing dark, dull surface over your special, antique silver teapot you purchased a few years ago? Or are you someone who is looking for a solution to clean your silver jewelry but can't find a reliable option?

Now you can de-tarnish your favorite tarnished jewelry – effortlessly!


Do you love Silver Jewelry?

Since the first pieces of jewelry were created thousands of years ago, men and women have chosen to make jewelry out of silver. Today, silver is still one of our favorite metals to decorate ourselves with. Silver has an indescribable beauty both new and after it has developed a lovely, soft patina. What isn't always so lovely? That icky black tarnish that coats your jewelry and diminishes its beauty!

Methods for removing tarnish vary from elbow grease to various creams and concoctions, but many of these can remove a layer of silver along with the tarnish.

  • Safe, non-toxic clean!

    This product is natural mineral  non toxic, ammonia-free, alcohol-free, detergent-free and has NO harsh fumes or chemicals. Our solution is made in the the USA and trusted by professional jewelers!

  • Save time and money with this all-in-one process

     is as simple as dropping your silver jewelry in, and wiping it off a little later. You'll feel great having your jewelry back in full use.

  • Safe for mixed other jewelry as well

    This cleaner won't harm gold, diamonds, Swarovski crystal, and other natural gemstones.

When silver tarnishes, it combines with sulfur and forms silver sulfide. Silver sulfide is black. When a thin coating of silver sulfide forms on the surface of silver, it darkens the silver. The silver can be returned to its former luster by removing the silver sulfide coating from the surface.

There are two ways to remove the coating of silver sulfide. One way is to remove the silver sulfide from the surface. The other is to reverse the chemical reaction and turn silver sulfide back into silver.

If you have any objects made from silver or plated with silver, you know that the bright, shiny surface of silver gradually darkens and becomes less shiny. This happens because silver undergoes a chemical reaction with sulfur-containing substances in the air. You can use chemistry to reverse the tarnishing reaction and make the silver shiny again.


    Dtranish your Tarnished Silver Jewelry

    For this experiment you will need:
    • In small bowl add one cup of boiling water
    • Add 1TBS Detarnish magical silver jewelry cleaning powder
    • Mix well
    • Add silver screen in to the bowl
    • Add your favorite tarnished jewelry
    • Let it sit for 10-15 min
    • Wash it dish soap and warm water
    • Dry it and wipe it with Dtranish silver jewelry cleaning cloth
    Almost immediately, the tarnish will begin to disappear. If the silver is only lightly tarnished, all of the tarnish will disappear within several minutes. If the silver is badly tarnished, you may need to give the silver several treatments to remove all of the tarnish.
    Dtarnish cleaning Kit includes: 
    1- One pouch Dtarnish Cleaning Powder
    2- Silver Jewelry Cleaning Cloth in an envelope 
    3-10 square pieces of Silver Screen
    Tarnish removing process:
    "Dtarnish will not eat or destroy your Silver or Silver Plated jewelry as the reaction below it will only remove the tarnish from silver jewelry as result"
    3 Ag2S   +   2 Al   --/>   6 Ag   +   Al2S3
    Silver Screen silver

    Silver Screen


    The reaction between silver sulfide and Silver Screen takes place when the two are in contact while they are immersed in a Detarnish solution. The reaction is faster when the solution is warm. The solution carries the sulfur from the silver to the silver screen. The silver sulfide may adhere to the silver screen, or it may form tiny, pale yellow flakes in the bottom of the pan. The silver and silver screen must be in contact with each other because a small electric current flows between them during the reaction.



    Is this method safe for amber jewelry?

    No. Never place amber in liquid - just wipe the amber with a dry soft cloth.
    Can I clean silver jewelry containing crystals with Dtarnish?
    We cleaned Swarovski crystal and sterling silver earrings with it and had no problem. The Swarovskis were crystal with the AB finish, and it's just as shiny as it was before.
    How can I do this for more than one load?
    It's a chemical reaction that's doing the work, so when the chemicals are used up, it stops working. So, after the first batch is done, remove it and put the next one in. If it works, great. If it doesn't, it's time to start over, including replacing the Silver Screen.
    My pendant has a gold bezel, can I emerge gold into the Dtarnish solution without damage?
    Yes, gold will not rust or tarnish.
    Is this process safe for lab generated diamonds?
    Yes. Lab generated diamonds are the same as normal diamonds on a physical level. The only real difference between the two is that natural diamonds have fractures and imperfections. Either way, the diamond should be fine.
    Can I use this with gems?
    If your gems are all genuine semi-precious or precious stones and there are no glues or enamel paints involved with their settings, you can clean them with this solution.