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Jewelry will forever excite just like it has in days gone by. Take the cave man adorned with ivory molars dangling from his neck or his mammoth tusk hanging from his waist. Then we have another fine example for finery the Indian chief sitting so brave attired in colored feathers and beads of every color of the rainbow running through his braided plaits.

It has taken millions of years for us to come to our senses and narrow down the amount of jewelry we wear. In saying that piercing of the body where you can end up looking like a voodoo doll is still very popular. What you have to remember is, to much of a good thing can spoil your image therefore taking the beauty away from your ornate piece. Bling diamond sparkling rings along side gold bulky sovereigns are not a match made in heaven.

Remember to many cooks spoil the broth.

Beauty behind Jewelry

How elegant exquisite precious stones sparkle more when mounted on a 9ct warm gold band and how Signet rings for men express a more strong masculine appearance.
Items of Jewelry no matter the size will always hold some meaning or have a story behind it sentimental happy or sad.


The mystery that lurks behind how the ring was titled with names such as the eternity, engagement and wedding band will always remain a mystery.
Marriage vows become finalized with an exchange of gold wedding bands. Be sure to choose this ring with care as this piece which bonds two people together is for life. (Sadly not in all cases)

Before buying Jewelry get it right because wrong choice wrong image wrong you.


What happened to one earring to each ear, today earrings are layered down the lobe in sequence which can be quite eye catching, even when pierced through the nose/nipple or belly button.
Women today are only half dressed unless wearing jewelry. Pierced ears seem to dominate and hold a stronger presence over the clip or screw on. No matter your chosen outfit watch it transform when the gypsy dangler or Grace Kelly pearl peeper is placed onto the lobe

History behind time
How the concrete garden sundial went from the garden to the pendulum swinging grandfather clock in the hall only to be halved in size to stand on the mantle.
There has been a dramatic change in the way we tell time today. When buying a watch choose wisely as this is worn and on show for all to see more frequently than most Jewelry items.

Jewelry speaks volumes about a person's personality so do not damage yours by making the wrong choice. Take a friend with you when shopping for gold or silver this way you can seek advice if you need it.

Jewelry has to be top of most peoples gift list for birthdays Christmas anniversary's retirement etc. For those people celebrating these special dates why not make that day extra special for them by giving a piece of Jewelry.

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