Hollywood Sensation Affiliate Program


Hollywood Sensation Jewelry is for every woman - delivering sophisticated quality and timeless designs. Our collections are inspired from the sunny warm beaches of Southern California to the glitz and glamour of the red carpet in Hollywood.
At Hollywood Sensation we've been creating a media buzz with some notable TV appearances - and for good reason, we do more than "just sell jewelry." We were founded on the belief that making high-quality fashion jewelry doesn't have to come at the cost of our core values. We take active steps to ensure that our jewelry is ethically and sustainably produced to truly empower all women to feel confident, inspired, and beautiful. Pair that with top-rated customer service, state-of-the-art packaging and delivery to your doorstep for a signature experience every woman will love.


At Hollywood Sensation Jewelry, we have one simple mission: to inspire and share our happiness through the beauty and fashion of red carpet jewelry without red carpet prices.
Join us and earn up to 12% commission on each order!


Hollywood Sensation

  • Commission payout: Coupon based affiliates 6% | Loyalty publishers: up to 8% | Influencer/Content/Review: 10-12%
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • $99 AOV
  • Professional Program Management 

  • Jewelry designs featuring semi-precious stones finished in either 925 sterling silver, platinum, or 18k gold.
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Same Day Free USPS First Class Shipping on US orders
  • International Shipping Available
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee

  • Fill out the form below to get started
  • Your site will be reviewed for approval to join ShareASale and the Hollywood Sensation Affiliate program
  • Once approved, you will have access to links, logos and banners for HollywoodSensation.com

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us.



Looking to generate revenue from your website? The Hollywood Sensation Affiliate Program allows approved websites to link to ww.hollywoodsensation.com and begin earning commissions on click-through sales. Hollywood Sensation handles order fulfillment and customer service for all transactions resulting from referred clicks. You simply send us the purchasing traffic! By linking to www.hollywoodsensation.com, you will have access to the hundreds of pieces of jewelry that women around the world are proud to flaunt!



  • Commission payout: Coupon based affiliates 6% | Loyalty publishers: up to 8% | Influencer/Content/Review: 10-12%
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • $99 AOV
  • Professional Program Management   

Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become an affiliate of Hollywood Sensation Jewelry?

You may join the program by clicking on this link here.

How does the Hollywood Sensation Jewelry Affiliate Program work?

After you apply for our program via ShareASale and are accepted as an affiliate, you may place links via banners, text links and other creative on your website. When your visitors click through to the Hollywood Sensation Jewelry website via these links, that visitor is tracked until they place an order. When an order is placed by such a visitor, the order is associated with your website as the referring source and your ShareASale affiliate account is credited 12% of the entire order. At the end of each month, ShareASale sends you a check for the entire amount of revenue share you have earned in the previous month once you have reached the required minimum. So the more visitors you refer to Hollywood Sensation and the more of those visitors who turn into customers of Hollywood Sensation, the more you get paid—and unlike many other websites, you get paid each time that customer places an order within 30 days, not just the first time!

Who can become a Hollywood Sensation affiliate?

Any website operator that operates a family friendly website is eligible to join the Hollywood Sensation Affiliate Program, subject to the program's terms and conditions.

Can websites outside of the U.S. become affiliate partners?

Yes, but please be aware that we currently ship to the United States and Canada only. If your site caters to customers in these countries, it’s a good fit. If your traffic is from outside of these countries, it may not make sense to become an affiliate.

Are there any fees or costs associated with becoming an affiliate of Hollywood Sensation?

No, there is no charge to join the Hollywood Sensation affiliate program.

What commission levels does Hollywood Sensation offer?

Hollywood Sensation offers a commission up to 12% with increased commissions offered for exceptional performance.

What is the cookie duration?

Hollywood Sensation cookies last for 30 days. This means that you get credit for any referred client who returns to the site within 30 days and makes a purchase

What is the average order size?

Hollywood Sensation average order size is about $99.

Does Hollywood Sensation have a dedicated program manager to contact for more questions?

Yes, we are committed to establishing a great partnership with all of our affiliates to make sure that they are successful. Please use the contract information below for support.

Are special incentives available for especially high performance affiliates?

Yes, especially high performing affiliates enjoy a higher revenue share and other exclusive benefits. If you are an existing affiliate and believe you qualify, please contact us.

Can I place Hollywood Sensation links, banners, products, and other creative anywhere on my website?

Yes, we recommend you think of the placements that would be most appealing to potential Hollywood Sensation customers can place creative to promote the highest clicks and conversions possible.

How many Hollywood Sensation links, banners, products, and other creative can I place on my website?

There is no limit, and we encourage you to use as many as necessary and appropriate to improve clicks and conversions. We have found that a creative banner along with a text link or Hollywood Sensation logo improves effectiveness.

Can I use Hollywood Sensation graphics and content from the Hollywood Sensation websites?

The entire Hollywood Sensation website and content are protected by copyright. You may use images and content from our website in the promotion of our products on your own website, however all images must be used in the sale of the product through the affiliate program and attributed to us. If you have a special circumstance that requires the use of any graphics, product images or content in a manner that is not consistent with the above, you must contact us for written approval prior to use of any such content.

What sales and revenue reports does ShareASale provide?

Each transaction is logged on ShareASale servers and available for review in detail. ShareASale will provide real-time tracking of your clicks, sales, and commissions. Please do not contact Hollywood Sensation for this information as we do not have access to your account. Use the links below to find some of the most useful reports. (These links will only work if you are an approved affiliate.)

1. Daily Traffic & Commission Report: ------
2. Order & Sales History: -----
3. Total Commissions Earned: ----

On what products do I earn a commission as an affiliate?

There are no limitations or restrictions on what Hollywood Sensation products can be sold through our affiliate program, AND there are no limits on the amount of commission you can earn as an affiliate.

How do you treat product returns and affiliate sales?

If a customer referred by your site returns or cancels an order for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to online credit card fraud, Hollywood Sensation at its discretion can debit your account for any commission earned on that transaction.

How often do I get paid from ShareASale?

ShareASale will pay your commissions each month via check or Direct Deposit into a bank account (you choose which option you prefer) once a month once your account has reached the required minimum before the end of the previous month.


Contact Our Affiliate Manager

Our affiliate manager will be happy to answer any of your questions about joining or being part of our program. Please note that if you did not receive a confirmation e-mail from ShareASale when you applied for the program, your application may not have been completed properly and/or the email might be in your spam email folder. Please email our Affiliate Manager at  tony@hollywoodsensation.com