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Why Buy Diamonds 0

“Why buy diamonds” gives an introduction to buying diamonds as well as a brief history of symbols and traditions of diamond jewelry.

Where Diamonds are Mined 0

The Argye mine located in the Kimberley region
in the far north east of Western Australia.
Owned by Rio Tinto, this mine is the world’s
largest single producer of volume of
diamonds. However, due to low proportion
of gem quality diamonds it is not the value
leader. It does produce 90-95% of the
world’s supply of pink diamonds.

Diavik is also owned by Rio Tinto, located in
Canada it is a very large mine. It is located
north of Yellowknife...

What Do Wedding Rings Speak About? 0

Wedding rings are more than what they may look like, a precious combination of metals and stones, as this article speaks citing historical facts.

Tips for Buying Big Diamonds on a Small Budget 0

Few diamond shoppers can walk into a high-end jewelry store and buy a 5-carat, D color, Internally Flawless diamond with Ideal cut parameters.  If you are like most diamond shoppers, you have a limited budget.  However, you still want to get the biggest and most beautiful diamond within your budget.  You can take some simple steps that will ensure you get the biggest diamond possible.

Secrets To Purchasing An Elegant Diamond Engagement Ring 0

The absolute best way to show a bride how much she is loved is by choosing or creating a diamond engagement ring that she can adore forever. Creating a beautiful diamond engagement ring entails choosing a high quality diamond and the setting it is placed into. Picking out the setting is purely aesthetic, but to obtain a high quality diamond you must understand the "4 C's," cut, color, clarity and carats.

Pearls: An Old Classic Breathes Life into New Trends 0

It's amazing how a tiny grain of sand can become one of the most coveted jewels of our time, Pearls. One of the fastest growing trends in today's fashion industry is coupling pearl jewelry with a simple design to create a sleek new look. Just a simple Akoya pearl strand can turn a casual sweater and jeans into a chic look desired by many.

Looking After Your Engagement Ring Will Keep It In The Best Condition. 0

As a diamond engagement ring plays a very important role in your life, it has to be treated with utmost care and efficiency. Although a diamond is the hardest substance known on earth, it still requires attention and care.

Keep the Sparkle in Your Diamond 0

Diamonds are extremely hard and durable.  Take care of your diamond by avoiding breaks and scratches and keep it clean.  With good care, your diamond will have the same sparkle and beauty in ten, a hundred or a thousand years.  Diamonds do not fade, tarnish or wear out like most materials.  The secret to keeping a diamond’s sparkle is keeping it clean.

How to Sell Your Diamond Ring 0

Most advertising campaigns by De Beers feature their famous slogan “A Diamond is Forever.” Consequently, women seldom sell a diamond and often feel uncomfortable buying diamonds previously owned by other women.  There is a sentimental aspect to diamonds that is very different from other tangible assets like boats, houses or automobiles.  However, there are occasions when consumers need to sell their diamonds.

How to Find the Best Wedding Jewelry 0

When it comes time to get married, you have a lot of things on your mind. In addition to all of the planning that goes into a wedding, you have big decisions to make on wedding jewelry. The engagement ring, for instance, is the first thing you have to think about.

How to Choose Your Perfect Engagement Ring 0

There is always a bit of nervousness that comes with this life changing event and that is completely normal.  You want everything to be perfect and above all else, you need the timing to work with the big question.  But in order to do this you need the perfect engagement ring.

Get The Best Price On The Engagement Ring Of Your Dreams! 0

Choosing the right place to buy a Diamond Ring is as tough as choosing the ring itself. Because of the liberalized and open market, lots of brands and lots of jewelers have flooded the market and that finally ends up in a confusion of where to buy.