Wedding Bands: The Perfect Fit


The wedding band is perhaps the most important piece of jewelry worn in life. Symbolic of the bride and groom’s commitment to each other, wedding bands are exchanged as part of the marriage ceremony witnessed by family and friends. Unlike other pieces of jewelry, wedding bands are worn every moment of every day. Therefore, it is essential that a wedding band is comfortable and compatible with a couple’s sense of style.

The bride and groom-to-be should spend time viewing and researching band styles and materials prior to making a final decision. By browsing jewelry stores and Internet sites, couples can gain a sense of their likes and dislikes.

Wedding Band Materials

Wedding bands are traditionally made of gold, white gold or platinum. If a couple chooses gold bands, they should select 14k or 18k gold for sufficient quality and durability. Another less expensive choice for men’s bands is titanium. Bands may be embellished with special finishes or engraved patterns to reflect individual tastes. Diamonds or other precious stones may also be incorporated into the design.

Matching Bands

Many couples wish to have matching wedding bands to symbolize their union. Engaged pairs may purchase matching “his and hers” rings, or create a matching custom design for both bands. If a couple cannot agree on a shared band design, they may consider rings that are coordinated rather than matching. For example, bands might be made of the same material, share a similar style (e.g. vintage, classic, modern), engraved pattern, or include the same stones without being identical. If the bride and groom prefer different metals (gold vs. platinum), they may choose to create a ring that incorporates both colors.

Personalized Messages of Love

Many couples choose to engrave a meaningful sentiment or their wedding date on the inside of their wedding bands. This option can “unite” the rings, even if the pair did not choose matching rings. Engraving is offered at most jewelry stores for a small fee. However, if the couple wishes to personalize their rings with an engraving they should allow sufficient time to ensure the rings are ready in advance of the ceremony.

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