Wear Animal Jewelry for an Alluring Natural Look


Looking for a design that's chic and at the same time unconventional? Try your luck at animal jewelry. Far from being tacky or inelegant, animal designs are actually rather distinctive. Finely crafted jewelry with animal motifs lends a mysterious air to the person who wears them.

Graceful jewelry patterns can be achieved with animal motifs. Dolphins, snakes, swans, and other beautiful beings of nature depict naked beauty and mysticism, and including images of them in jewelry inspires this "look." Moreover, the carnal appeal of wearing nature-themed jewelry should not be bypassed; sporting nature-themed accessories speaks of someone who is in tune with an "inner animal." If we're going to talk sex appeal -- well, animal jewelry may just be an understated way to achieve it!

Animal jewelry is also a great way of encouraging environmental awareness and love of nature -- even among children. A child who has a favorite pet may appreciate having animal jewelry to remind him or her of that pet. In fact, if the pet were domesticated enough to sport a little jewelry as well -- like a cat or a dog -- it might be great if master and pet could have matching pieces! Like a pendant for the collar for Poochie, which could also be worn as a bracelet charm for Nancy.

In fact, not only children would appreciate jewelry that would remind them of favorite pets. If one had a favorite animal, a pet, a totem spirit or just an animal with whom s/he identifies with, a piece of charm jewelry would be a great gift. An accessory that reminds one of a pleasant thought is always something that makes one glow.


The inner strength one derives from inspiring motifs is one of the best things about animal jewelry; when a person is calmed or energized by the sight of a familiar animal, it affects one's mood and the way one looks at things. In fact, Native American tradition believes that animals can give you strength and guidance. Jewelry symbolizing these animals may serve as a reminder for someone who desires to be stronger in one particular aspect. For example: the dragonfly symbolizes illusion, the deer symbolizes gentleness, the bear means power, and so forth.

A person may select his/her ensemble based on his/her philosophies, or simply the feelings of the moment. A person who wishes to give another the gift of animal jewelry may consider which particular animal/s the recipient brings to mind. This requires a personal touch, and this in itself makes the act of selecting animal jewelry a cherished moment indeed!

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