Tips and Remedies for Frizzy Hair


Frizzy hair can certainly be a pain to work with. For some, frizz is the result of high humidity; for others, it comes with dry air. And for curly-headed individuals, it can be a constant nuisance!

Frizz has multiple causes. Humid air, as pointed out above, can cause curly hair to kink up, making it resistant to lying down smoothly. Dry conditions can contribute to frizz, too, by bringing on split ends and other damage. Split hairs fly about and have much less "heft" and weight than intact hairs.

There are various products on the market and homemade ones that you can use to help tame the frizz. Here are some tips and remedies for frizzy hair.

Commercial Products

Take a look at some of the products that are made to "repair" split ends. There are shampoos and conditioners with this claim, as well as serums and other products that you leave in. Usually, you use a very small amount of the leave-in product and work it through your hair.

Trim Regularly

Whether your hair is long or short, getting it trimmed on a regular basis helps combat frizz. Trimming removes split ends and "shapes" your hair so that it lies in a more uniform, straight direction.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Store-bought or homemade, a weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment can help your frizzy hair. Store-bought treatments include warm oil packs, thick creams, and even mud-like, henna-based conditioner.

At home, you can mash an avocado and mix it with an egg and half a cup of mayonnaise to make a healthy conditioner. With deep conditioning, you leave the conditioner on your hair for at least 15 minutes, so have a shower cap handy for the wait time. Shampoo after the time is up, using a gentle, moisture-rich shampoo (preferably one designed for frizzy or damaged hair).

Be Gentle

Frizzy hair needs just a little rough treatment to become unmanageable. Let your hair air-dry as often as possible, letting the curls and kinks just kind of lie on each other rather than getting blown around.


Towel-drying comes with a similar precaution - rough rubbing with a towel only increases the chance for frizz and damage. Instead, "plop" your hair forward onto a towel and gently pat it dry, or wrap it carefully in a towel and let it dry for 10 minutes or so. You can also put a towel around your shoulders and let your hair dry naturally while the towel catches drips.

Quick Fixes

If you're having a frizzy hair day and just don't have time for elaborate measures, work a pea-sized dab of regular conditioner through your hair. Or, dissolve a bit of conditioner in water in a spray bottle and spritz your hair.

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