The Glitter Bitter JEWELRY


Jewelry the dominator of many moods, how a piece of body decoration can change and alter a persons image is remarkable? Take the birth stone a coloured precious jewel representing the month you were born hence birth signs horoscopes etc. Then we have the pendant locket encompassing a photo of a loved one parted or present.

100% top of the list for popularity has to be the ring.

Many organizations symbolize memberships and identities of their followers with the wearing of a ring. But the most famous piece of warm gold or cool silver is the wedding band with the eternity and engagement ring trailing behind. Why you ask? Do these lag behind; they both represent friendship and togetherness, unlike the gold wedding band which goes further in bonding two people together for ever.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and that of the man also. The male takes fashion and Jewelry just as serious as the female species and why would they not.

How a pair of pearl peepers placed onto the lobe of the ear can transform that figure hugging little black number. Glimpse how the bronze medallion swinging between an open neck shirt can transform the appearance of the male.

When buying Jewelry remember, wrong choice wrong image wrong you so be careful and take your time when deciding on what to purchase.

Most heirlooms today come in the form of Jewelry, grandmothers cameo brooch, grandads cuff links mum or dads wedding ring. Jewelry will always hold fond memories for a great many of us and it's funny how you never forget where that particular piece came from.
So if you want to be remembered give a piece of Jewelry

Then we have the not so sweet memories when the glitter turns to bitter (Divorce)

Bling Bling clusters of sparkling precious stones assist and help elegance to protrude through especially when mounted on a 9ct gold band.
Mans signet ring can alter the image of the male hand expressing masculinity

The male/female is only half dressed unless adorned with jewellery. Next time when shopping in a Jewelry store do not go over the top like Mr T from the A team. Too many accessories will spoil the whole look of any outfit thus marring your whole image.


If you are out to attract the opposite sex or keep the companion you have then it is all about beauty. Remember beauty lies in the eye of the beholder so let the beholder be you when looking for gold or silver.

Jewelry speaks in volumes about you and your personality so we do not want to give the wrong impression. Let the diamonds emeralds sapphires and rubies do all the talking. People will get to know you with out you even opening your mouth.

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