Savvy Shopper's Guide to Buying Gold Jewelry


Buying gold jewelry can be tricky because there are different types of karats, 14K cubic zirconia jewelry, and different colors of gold (based on other materials that the gold might be alloyed with to give added strength).

Ask Questions before Buying

The phrase "buy now, ask questions later" should never apply to gold jewelry, even cubic zirconia gold jewelry. You should ask plenty of questions before making such an elaborate purchase. A reputable jeweler will be able to answer all of your questions honestly and will provide you with helpful tips concerning your jewelry needs.

Here are some questions to ask:

*What is the actual karat of the gold? 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, or 24kt?
*Is it real gold or plated gold?
*Are the stones real or are they made of cubic zirconia?
*What factors were used to determine the gold jewelry's price? Weight, ornamental detail, design or construction?
*What type of clasp is used? This is important with gold necklaces and bracelets. You need a strong, easy-to-use clasp.

What are Karats?

Pure gold is 24kt and offers a deep and rich color. Unfortunately, 24kt jewelry is very soft and can be damaged easily. Jewelry made with 24kt gold must have a special stamp of individuality.

Other karats of gold contain alloy metals to add strength. These alloy metals may be copper, zinc, silver, or nickel. These metals can also change the color of the gold to have a rose, white, or green coloration. Gold must be at least 10kt to be legally labeled and sold as real gold jewelry in the United States.

Trademark and Pricing of Gold Jewelry

All gold jewelry sold in the United States must have a manufacturer's trademark. You might also see the name of the country where the jewelry was manufactured, and the manufacturer's hallmark. The trademark tells the proper karat of the jewelry. It can be found on the inner part of the band on a diamond ring or any other gold-banded ring, or on the clasps of gold necklaces or bracelets. On earrings, the trademark might be found on the back of the earrings.

Types of Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is available in an assortment of styles and types. There are 14kt gold necklaces with or without pendants, attached stones such as sapphires and gemstones. A necklace may come in 14kt yellow gold or white gold. A pearl necklace can come in different styles as well such as a complete strand or partial strand of pearls on a 14kt yellow or white gold necklace.


There are also many types of 14kt gold earrings such as stone earrings, chandelier earrings, gemstone earrings, pearl earrings, semi-precious earrings, stud earrings, and even 14kt gold hoop earrings.

Diamond rings can be set on a 10kt or 14kt gold band in white or yellow gold. There's the solitaire diamond ring and the diamond ring cluster, depending on the occasions. Solitaire diamond rings set on a 14kt gold band are still the most sought after for an engagement ring.

Other types of gold or diamond jewelry might include pendants, men's rings, diamond or gold bracelets, and anklets.

Online Jewelry Shopping

The key to smart gold jewelry shopping online is to know your gold and know what types of jewelry are available. When shopping at a jewelry website, look for clarity as to what the jewelry is made of, its weight, and what types of stones are used in the jewelry. Also, be sure a Jewelry Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each purchase.

Go online to find an assortment of gold jewelry for gifts, a marriage proposal, or to buy your favorite jewelry for any occasion.

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