Jewelry and the Darkside: Fashionable Gothic Jewelry


No, by jewelry and the darkside, we are not referring to Darth Vader’s dark side of the force. However, the idea of jewelry inspired by Anakin Skywalker, the Sith and his Emperor sure is tantalizing. Here, if you think more about the likes of Morticia Addams of the Addams family, then you’re on the right track. Gothic jewelry is the type of jewelry that the likes of her would wear: mysterious, brooding, yet elegant. Viewed this way, jewelry and the darkside certainly can go hand in hand.

Gothic jewelry, or darkside jewelry, as opposed to ‘light,’ evokes images of the macabre and the preternatural: vampires, the dead and undead, spirits, black magic and the black arts. As such, artisans craft items that would appeal to a person’s dark or gothic side. There is an abundance of e-commerce websites and specialty stores whose emphasis is on jewelry and the darkside. In these places, a person will be able to find gothic jewelry such as pentacle pendants, gothic cross necklaces, spider-and-web piercings, and more.

Also known as pagan jewelry, gothic body ornaments are made from many types of materials, but they are typically available in gold, sterling silver and pewter. They may come plain or be encrusted with jewels. Many pieces of gothic jewelry have their roots in esoteric sources, such as signs and symbols used in ancient Egyptian lore or those employed in Celtic rituals. Other pieces of gothic jewelry are timeless icons representing the eerie: coffin-shaped rings, heavily ornate cross brooches, earrings shaped like the heads of howling wolves.

Slave bracelets, also known as handflowers or maille bracelets, are also popular examples of gothic jewelry. These look like chain mail, or pieces of woven metal. They are different from conventional bracelets in that they are worn not just on the wrist, but on practically the whole hand, and their intricate patterns are sure to attract attention. Bib and choker necklaces are also popular gothic accessories. Catalogues of gothic jewelry oftentimes include so-called ‘poison’ rings or bracelets. These items have a small compartment where the wearer can presumably keep very small or fine materials, such as powder. Maille, chandelier or dangling earrings are also available to complete one’s overall look of mystery.


Gothic jewelry is easy to wear and can be used to dress up or dress down. They are easily available and the variety offered is endless. Because they depict arcane symbols and figures, gothic jewelry imparts a sense of mystery and secrecy. Popular among both the young and not-so-young, gothic jewelry may be dark, but not dreary; ornate, but not tawdry. In fact, it is just the opposite: jewelry and the darkside – a hauntingly beautiful combination.

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