How to wear jewelry

How to wear jewelry

Jewelry we wear can make us look good. However, it is better if you can have a clear understanding on how to wear jewelry, so that you can get the best possible support from them to enhance your good looks. If you don’t have a clear understanding on how to do it, keep on reading. We will share some useful tips on how to find matching jewelry and wear them accordingly to improve your looks. On top of that, we will also share how to refrain from wearing excessive jewelry, which can take away your good looks.

  1. Keep the occasion in mind when you wear jewelry

Jewelry you wear should match with the occasion that you are attending. For some of the occasions, you are encouraged to proceed with wearing no jewelry. Dangling jewelry you have on the wrist would not deliver the best looks when you are trying something on the keyboard. In case if you are wearing jewelry for work, you should think about skipping the hanging bracelets and bangles. Likewise, you need to understand when not to wear a necklace as well.

Jewelry you wear for the club would not be the same as jewelry you wear when visiting the church. Hence, you must double check and ensure where you go before you wear jewelry. On top of that, you should also keep an eye on what you will be doing as well.  

  1. Wear jewelry that matches with your skin tone

All the ladies who wear jewelry should have a clear understanding on how to pair jewelry. For example, you should learn how to mix and match jewelry along with your skin tone. If you have a natural skin tone, you should go for silver. That’s because silver is complementing natural tones. If you have a matte skin and dark hair, you should go ahead with gold. But if you are having a cooler skin tone, you should go ahead with gems that are blue, purple, and red in color. White gold can also be considered as a perfect option available for you to consider when you are having a cool skin tone. Ladies who have a warm skin tone can proceed with green and yellow gemstones.

  1. Highlight your facial appearance with statement earrings

You must wear statement jewelry as they are in a position to highlight the features of your face. Otherwise, wearing expensive jewelry will not deliver any positive results on your way. Glittery and flashy jewelry are in a position to highlight the eyes. Hence, you can think about wearing such jewelry without having any second thoughts.

It is important not to forget the shape of your face. Along with that, you will be able to bring out the unique facial differences that you have. For example, if you are a girl who is having a heart shaped face, you can think about wearing jewelry that don’t taper near the bottom. On the other hand, ladies who are having oval faces can go ahead with triangular earrings and studs. Then you can showcase the appearance of your check bones. These are some of the most prominent jewelry fashion tips and you shouldn’t ignore them.

  1. Create layers

When you find jewelry, you can wear all the time, you can think about creating layers. For example, you can easily create layers with necklaces, rings, and bangles. This is where you will get the opportunity to experiment a lot. For example, you can create appealing layers with bangles, necklaces, or rings. When you are layering jewelry, you can think about going forward with different lengths. Then you will be able to get them to match perfectly well with your face. Different textures, colors and shapes can deliver a unique treat to you.

It is also possible for you to experiment with wearing earrings that belong to different styles. In the meantime, you will need to understand how many pieces of jewelry should you wear at one time. Based on that, you can go for the best combination and receive outstanding results. For example, when you want to get attention to your face, you can wear statement earrings and a necklace. However, you don’t need to get a lot of bangles. B

  1. Buy your earrings carefully

It is important to have a clear understanding about jewelry etiquette when you are purchasing your earrings. Always keep in mind that your earrings will be in the filed of view at all times. Hence, you should make sure that you are buying earrings that can frame your face. On top of that, earrings you purchase should be in a position to complement your eye color, hair, and skin tone.

  1. Determine whether the focus should be jewelry or clothing

When you are matching earrings with necklace, you should also do that with your outfit. Then you can understand whether you should keep the focus on clothing or jewelry you wear. If you are wearing a dull looking outfit, you can easily transform the way how you look with appropriate accessories and jewelry. Make sure that you pick jewelry that can help you to create a statement. Then you can even bring life to a simple outfit that you wear.

  1. Don’t ignore the focal point of jewelry

Last but not least, you should focus on the focal point of jewelry. If your objective of wearing jewelry is to catch the eyes, you should go ahead with the options that can help you to achieve visual focus on a specific area of the body. It can be your ears, neck, hands, or any other place. For example, when you wear a bold necklace, you need to go ahead with subtle earrings and rings.

Now you know how to wear jewelry accordingly. Keep these facts in mind and make sure that you complement your good looks with the jewelry you wear.

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