How to Match Bracelets with Your Outfits

Whether you are a sucker for timeless classic dainty and delicate jewelry or you lean towards more of a chic sleek modern minimalist style in accessorizing, bracelets are one of those jewelry items that can fit just about in any lifestyle and clothing preference. When it comes to styling and coordinating bracelets with your outfits and other accessories, Hollywood has many interesting rules. Unlike other accessories, bracelets are one thing that celebrities like Taylor Swift, Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Eva Longoria have seen repeating times and again on red carpets and social events with multiple outfits.

It all comes down to personal choice and a few basic styling rules in coordinating wrist-wear with your outfit. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of how to match your bracelet with your outfit without it clashing with your other accessories:

Add Panache, Not Clutter

Deliciously large metallic handcuff style bracelet; stacked up beaded threads; or just dainty sparkling pieces – whatever your style is, make sure it adds flair and panache to your style without clashing with your outfit or other jewelry items. For instance, if you are already wearing long or three-quarter sleeves, a.k.a bracelet sleeves, your wrist pieces wouldn’t stand out as much. Similarly, with cocktail statement rings, chunky metallic bracelets call for a fashion disaster. Make sure there is a coordination between your rings and bracelets to create a flattering look complimenting your outfit.

Standout Pieces



Still, haven’t found your perfect works-with-all-outfits jewelry item? A standout bracelet could be a great choice especially if you live in colder climates. Kylie Jenner sported her love bracelet for four years with almost all her outfits. From super casual bodycon dresses to dressed-up cocktail looks, find your signature piece to work with all your outfits. Something like this would work great.

Vintage Pieces Always Work


Diamonds are a girl’s best friends; if you don’t want to shell out your bucks on diamonds, a zircon clustered bracelet can be a very classy choice for your night out in the town. Charlize Theron’s diamond lattice bracelet that she matched with her diamond studs and a marquise-cut diamond cluster ring was the perfect fit to match an edgy high-fashion white outfit for Oscars. When in doubt, always pick a vintage bracelet piece to go with your formal dresses.

Match Your Bracelet with Other Accessories



Angelina Jolie wore a clunky massive gold cuffed bracelet that was chained to a matching gold clutch for an International film choice. She paired the accessories with a regal long ball gown and the fashion editors couldn’t get enough of the daring choice. One of the best ways to tie an entire look together is to match your bracelet with any of your other accessories such as your heels or a clutch. Works like a charm.

Complementary Colors

You cannot always find bracelets to match exactly with your outfits, but you can always find complimentary colors. A very chic and cool way of flaunting your bracelets is to stack them up together. From Rihanna to Anna Hathaway, stacking bracelets is a trend almost every celeb have rocked at one point or the other. You can even mix and match materials: beads, threads, metal all work well together.

Matching bracelets with your outfit is really fun as long as you keep few basic jewelry etiquettes in mind. For starters, you wouldn’t want your bracelets to take attention away from your rings. When matching bracelets with an outfit, always keep other accessories in mind. Sometimes, matching your bracelet with other jewelry items and accessories can actually complement your outfit better.


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