Hot Hair Trends for Fall 2017


What's happening with hairstyles this fall? Stylists are looking at what the models are wearing on the catwalk to predict the hairstyles for 2017. Here are some of the hot hair trends for fall 2017.

"Boyish" Cuts

In 2017, the pixie cut is a little more flexible. You'll see it worn with a longer top, and that longer hair can be worn up, down, spiked, slicked or loose. Another interesting pairing that you'll see in 2017 is a boyish haircut with a very feminine outfit.

Once considered a "boyish" cut, the bob that came in this summer is still in for fall. Finger waves and pin curls are as trendy as ever, but these days it's a lot easier to achieve with all the tools and products available. It's a more feminine hairstyle than it was in the 20s and 30s, when women were moving from ultra-long hair to daring short styles. Still, it has a tomboyish quality that makes for a modern look that's undeniably cute.

Unisex Hairstyles

In fall 2017, there are hairstyles that would work on both men and women. "Bed head," for instance, is no longer the exclusive realm of teen boys. Girls can go for the tousled look, too, giving it a chic and ruffled look. And of course, boys can still go for the tousled head that makes them look fun and chic at the same time.

Long-haired individuals need not be left out of the unisex hair style trend. Tousled, messy ponytails work for long-haired men and women, and ladies can work a nested bun with loose hair around the face.

Going Bold

Maybe it's all the superhero movies out this summer, but the bold look is in for hair this fall. It's called the "Glamazon" look, and it involves slick, severe styles that are swept back from the face and pulled into a high, tight bun or ponytail. It's pretty much the opposite of the tousled, relaxed look that's also trendy.

Glamazon hairstyles may sport accessories like jewel-studded bands, beads, and feathers and look good with the fancy, Baroque look that's trending this fall as well. The look is one of power and confidence.

Big Hair - Again!

Okay, maybe not as big as the 1980s - but think 1970s and the fluffed out hairstyles that featured smooth tops and curled bottoms. Achieving sleek curls is tricky for some, and it helps if your hair is healthy to begin with. Armed with a hair dryer, curlers, and smoothing product, women are going for the Charlie's Angels look in fall 2017.

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