Handcrafted Silver Jewelry: The Plus-Size Woman's Dream


There's little argument that we live in a world designed for our thinner sisters. Those of us who are more bountiful can often feel as though we're on the outside looking in - especially when it comes to fashion accessories. Sure, we can buy accessories like barrettes and earrings, but when it comes to pendants on chains, bracelets, and rings, we're often out of luck. The chains simply aren't long enough, the bracelets are too tight, and the rings simply aren't big enough. That's why it's a godsend to find handcrafted silver jewelry made by artisans who care enough to create lovely pieces that "fit" plus-size women.

Silver Chains

The challenges we face in the world of fashion accessories are often a matter of chain length. Whether for necklaces, bracelets, or anklets, the answer is to find chains that are custom-sized for any length. Thanks to the Internet, custom-length chains are only a few clicks away.

When you're shopping for silver chains, look for a source that offers dozens of different kinds of chain. You'll then have the same kind of selection that average-sized women have. Perhaps you like box, rope, or bar and link chain; maybe you like the elegant sophistication of herringbone or the more substantial Byzantine or Madeira styles. The bottom line is that you should have access to a wide variety of choices that are .925 sterling silver and that are priced by the inch.

Clasps and Fasteners

The telltale signs of quality bracelets and necklaces are the clasps and fasteners. When jewelry is assembled commercially, the fasteners are literally the weak links; all too often, they simply come apart and cause you to lose your chain. High quality handcrafted silver jewelry, on the other hand, has caps that are soldered on and jump rings that are soldered closed so that the ring connecting the clasp to the chain can't open.

Rings to be Treasured

Gemstone rings are wonderful fashion accessories, but they also make great gifts. While there are traditional birthstones for every month (January - garnet; February - amethyst; March - bloodstone or aquamarine; April - diamond; May - emerald; June - pearl or moonstone; July - ruby; August - sardonyx or peridot; September - sapphire or lapis lazuli; October - opal or pink tourmaline; November - topaz or citrine; December - turquoise, zircon, or tanzanite), there are also astrological birthstones based on a Zodiac sign's ruling planet.


You know that you've found a reputable establishment when it's upfront about whether or not its gemstones have been enhanced. If a stone is not naturally mined, its description should indicate that it has, for example, been heated or irradiated (an accepted practice, since some stone colors - like ruby and sapphire - rarely occur in nature). Similarly, it should be noted if a stone is reconstituted from powder or stabilized using liquid acrylic. Again, the jewelry industry approves of these methods, but they should still be disclosed.

Final Tip: Bigger May be Better

As plus-size women, we have the luxury of being able to wear larger pieces of handcrafted silver jewelry. Don't be afraid to opt for wider chains, larger earrings, or bigger gemstones. We can pull it off - beautifully!

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