Fall Fashion Trends for Women 2022




Fall Fashion Trends for Women 2022



It may still be hot out, but it's time to take a look at what's coming up for women's fashion in fall 2019. What can you look forward to this year for fall? Here are some of the trends to look for when the weather starts to cool off.




The Pistachio seems to be the millennials next pink.  Two shades of purple, purple is a polarizing color among the fashion world, but it is staging a comeback in all shades this season. Bright orange, brands like Caroline Herrera and Staud sent head to toe orange looks down the runway proving the color is better when bolder.  Shocking pink, we may be millennial pinked out but there is plenty of room for bright pink in your closet.



Mixture of Thick and Dainty Textures; Trendy Jewelry


Layering necklaces is on trend this year with mixing things up with thick and dainty chains to long to choker necklaces a few pendants or with several.  Whether you are layering necklaces or bracelets or both you will be in line with the latest trends.  You can either go with a layered necklace set or pick and pair from an assortment or thick to dainty chains with alternating lengths.



Ornate Patterns and Textures


In contrast with the calm, straight look that you'll see a lot of, there's a counter-trend in the form of swirly, Baroque, ornamental fashions. This might be just the thing if you are not into the corporate look. Brocades and filigrees are gracing dresses, skirts, and even shoes.

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