Diamond Engagement Rings: Making Your Selection


When you’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, selecting an engagement ring can seem a daunting, yet necessary, task. Diamonds are a classic and traditional choice for such rings. However, with numerous color, size and appearance options available, how does a hopeful groom select the perfect diamond engagement ring for his bride-to-be?


Men should be conscious of his significant other’s taste and lifestyle when choosing an engagement ring. Is she formal or casual? Does she prefer large accessories or dainty pieces? Is she active or sedentary? Does she own mostly gold or silver-colored jewelry? All of these factors should be evaluated before selecting an engagement ring. An engagement ring should match the personality of its owner. A woman who throws on jeans and a t-shirt every day may want an attractive yet simple ring to go with her easy lifestyle, whereas a formal dresser would likely prefer a more dramatic ring with a larger diamond. Active brides-to-be may value comfort over a cumbersome stone that may be easily damaged. A woman who wears mostly silver jewelry might prefer a platinum or white gold setting to coordinate with her existing accessories.

Diamond Rating System

In considering the purchase of a diamond engagement ring, men should be familiar with the “Four C’s” of diamond grading: Caret (weight of the diamond), Clarity (presence of flaws), Color (the slight tint of the diamond) and Cut (exact cut within the shape of the diamond). The rating of the diamond can raise or lower the ring’s overall cost.


The type of metal used in the band can also significantly affect the appearance and price of the ring. Platinum rings are currently a popular selection due to their strength, beauty and light color. Because platinum is over 90 percent pure, it is hypoallergenic for most people. Platinum is the most expensive metal. Gold is a considerably less expensive metal for wedding rings. While yellow gold is a traditional choice that compliments many settings, white gold is an option for those who want the light color without the sticker shock.


Men may wish to consider a customized diamond engagement ring for their intended. A custom ring serves as a personalized representation of the couple’s love for each other. A man does not have to be a designer to create a unique ring – many jewelers can help translate his rough ideas into a beautiful reality.

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