Choosing Diamond and Gemstone Rings


Diamond and Gemstone Rings are both beautiful and unique. There are so many styles, cuts, and weights that is hard to choose just one. Let’s take a look at what a diamond is and briefly discuss what gemstones are. We can then progress to discussing diamond rings and gemstone rings or any combination of the two.

A diamond is the hard substance known. Diamond rings symbols of everlasting love and affection. Many men become overwhelmed when they go to purchase diamond and/or gemstone rings. There are many styles, band widths, and settings. The size and weight of the stone is also something that will play into the decision, but I digress.

Here is a quick overview of ring settings. Settings are defined as the manner in which a stone is place on a ring. An example of a setting is the traditional solitaire was engineered by Ifanes. It is a single diamond set in either a four or six pronged mounting high above the band. This allows the most light to refract in the stone. This setting is also very easy to clean and is also less expensive than other settings.

Another setting is the Diamond Accent setting. The stones used are smaller. The Channel Street Baguette style are stones set into the band that accentuates a center stone.

Gemstone settings are basically any setting with a combination of diamonds and other precious stones. The colors of the other stones enhance the beauty and sparkle of the diamond (i.e. rubies, emeralds, or sapphires). One way to do this is put a diamond in the center with the birthstones of the couple on either side. Later if children come along their stones could be added as well. Gemstones rings can be made with almost any precious stone such as Fancy Gems, Sapphires, Topaz, Emerald, Black Onyx or a Ruby.

The Truffle setting usually accompanies a three stone ring where a large stone has a smaller stone on either sided and is a design where loops on each of the stones connect the stones together. There are many combinations of metals, diamonds and gemstones that can be created. You need to decide what you want and what you can afford and come up with the perfect ring.


Both gemstones and diamonds can be cut in round, rectangular, or oval. Shapes such as hearts or diamonds are also used particularly in gemstones. Almost anything is possible.
When choosing a diamond ring or a gemstone ring you should consider your budget bearing in mind that taxes, insurance, and warranties will add to the cost of the ring. The likes and dislikes of the person who will receive the ring is crucial to your decision. For example you see this exquisite diamond ring that has the birthstone of the person to whom you will give the ring. It so happens that the ring is in your price range. Right next to it is a very simple diamond in a solitaire setting and it is very pretty.
Now you think the more exquisite one is perfect and you purchase it. When you give it you can’t help noticing a look on their face that you can’t explain. Later it is explained to you that simple designs are more the persons style so you return the ‘gaudy’ ring for the simple solitaire one.

So think about your budget. Think also about the recipient do they wear jewelry and if so is it simple in design or are they more the type that loves ornate pieces. Know that for the most part your choice will be gratefully accepted. Good luck!

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