Choosing and using gold piercing body jewelry


A little bit of history

Although body piercing jewelry was not popular until about 20 years ago, it actually has a very long history. In ancient Egypt, only the royal family had the right to have body piercing. In fact, only the Pharaoh at that time had belly button piercing, any other people with a belly button ring would have been executed. For Egyptians, body jewelry was a way of embellishing the beauty of human bodies. On the other hand, around 2000 years ago, as mentioned in Bible, body piercing jewelry was very popular among nomadic tribes as a sign of wealth. Also, the roman warriors used to get nipple piercing as a sign of strength and virility. However, in the last 400-500 years, body jewelry has been restricted to mainly ear piercing until the last two decades.

Choices of metal

There are many choices for the metal used to make body jewelry. Since piercing could be in sensitive and delicate area of the body such as lip and tongue, the material has to be biological inert to prevent corrosion and infection. Common metals for making body jewelry are surgical steel, titanium, niobium, platinum and 14kt and 18kt gold. The primary reason for the above metals to be popular with body jewelry is that they are hypoallergenic and are absolutely safe to wear. Sterling silver body jewelry is not recommended because would tarnish and some of them contain nickel, which some people are allergic to. It is recommended to use surgical steel right after the piercing during the healing period to allow a faster healing process and minimize the chance of infection.

Types of body jewelry

Since the resurgence of body jewelry, many types of body jewelry became available in the market. The common body jewelry categories are navel rings, lip and tongue labrets, nostril rings, eyebrows barbells, ear plugs and nipple rings. In fact, the piercing technique employed by most of the body jewelry store is so mature and safe that you can put body jewelry wherever you want!


Fashion vs. Fine Jewelry

A decade ago, body jewelry was a symbol for rebellious and hip youth. Nowadays, however, it is a common trend just like earrings. This is shown by the fact that many celebrities are wearing them and the number of body jewelry piercing stores in the shopping mall is constantly increasing. This is a major fashion trend which we are now at the beginning of. As body jewelry becomes mainstream accessories, the style and quality are expected to improve tremendously. Body jewelry with natural semi-precious stones such as topaz and peridot are currently available in the market, soon body jewelry with gold and genuine diamonds will be as popular as diamond stud earrings. In fact, 14k and 18k gold body jewelry are good choices for gift to someone who are already part of this fashion jewelry trend resolution since they are truly precious and fashionable at the same time.

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