Body Jewelry - The latest Fashion Statement

The idea of body jewelry has come a long way since the post modern preference for ear piercing on women. Today's generation, believe it or not, much like ancient societies throughout history, have gone to the more extreme multiple piercing of various body parts.

If you ask around, you'll get a lot of different opinions about body piercing, both pro and con. Many people use piercings to help express who they are and what they're about, completely endorsing this type of adornment and what they endorse. However, you'll also get people who are completely against body piercings and couldn't imagine who in their right mind would allow something to be permanently placed through their skin. Although both sides seem to have valid points, the reality is that many of the piercing holes will close up as long as they're not made too large.

Body piercing, the process of puncturing your skin in various locations and placing a metal jewelry adornment through the hole is a very ancient statement. Even today, many indigenous cultures practice body piercings for both adornment and as a status symbol. Though there has been a recent resurgence in native and tribal body piercings, most modern body piercings are done as purely a form of adornment.


So, should you get a body piercing? The answer varies greatly from person to person, but regardless of who you are there are a few things to consider. Answering these questions honestly and openly will help you realize whether or not body piercing is right for you. Are you particularly attached to a certain image that means something to you, or do you want to get a body piercing merely for the sake of getting a body piercing? Most people who are satisfied with their body piercings years on down the road are happy because they have made this decision not because of peer pressure but is something meaningful to them personally. Can you see yourself with the same body piercing when your seventy-five years old? It'll probably still be there.

Since a body piercing is permanent, don't just waltz into the nearest body piercing parlor, look at the flash in the case, and pick out something you like. Though this can be a good technique for getting ideas, there’s no rush to get it done immediately.

One final thought about body piercing is that it can cause some unexpected side effects. Do you think it will matter to your future significant other that you've pierced a certain part of your body? Understand that this decision "may" limit your choice of partners at least a little.

Next up on the unintended consequences list is that body piercing can dull the senses of the pierced body part. This may not be important today be understand that the decision is long term -- lifetime -- and losing sensitivity in private areas can be something that might be missed later in life.

Lastly, there's the issue of loose stools. That's right, we're talking about leakage. A couple of piercings usually are not a problem but if you tend to go all out and get quite a few, the risk of anal leakage goes up with each piercing. The reason is that the metal from the piercings tend to leach into your body and increase the level of certain heavy metals. Nickel is especially prone to this effect and can cause leaking anal problems

Although the problems are something to consider, if the desire to have piercings for the right reasons continues to interest you, then take a deep breath and go for it.


If you have an image that you're attached to, decide where you want it on your body. Most people who get body piercing ed, even those with large body piercings covering their arms, legs, or back, will avoid getting body piercings on their hands, neck, or face, due to the fact that many employers frown on body piercing and because body piercings which are always visible can make it tougher to get hired at certain jobs. Think of how visible you want your body piercing to be; should it be seen when you're wearing short sleeves? What about shorts?

Finally, make sure you get body piercing ed at a respectable body piercing parlor. All of the needles should be sterile, as should the general working conditions. Be picky about your artist as well, view his or her portfolio and see a sketch of your design before getting inked, since you should be 100% happy with your body piercing.

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