The Best Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Jewelry by Wadav

Gold, silver, precious stones, pearls: in order for your favorite jewelry to stay shiny for a long time, it needs an extra dose of attention and care from time to time. How do you clean silver & Co. correctly and what should you watch out for? Wadav tells you the best tricks. In addition: How to best store jewelry - and otherwise treat it well.


Cleaning jewelry: gold, silver, precious stones, pearls


Purify gold:


Gold jewelry is best cleaned in warm water with plenty of detergent or soap. The gold jewelry is then rinsed under lukewarm running water and dried with a soft cotton cloth. Gold jewelry shines particularly intensely again when it is polished with a cloth made of wool or deerskin. If a lye bath is not enough, a little alcohol can also help as an old household remedy to clean gold jewelry - or a two-minute bath in an ultrasonic bath.


Cleaning silver:

Silver jewelry that is not worn often can tarnish. Fortunately, silver is very easy to clean and remove its black patina: If the silver jewelry is only slightly soiled, it is best cleaned with a soft toothbrush in soapy water. If the silver has tarnished, microfiber cloths, silver cleaning cloths and special silver pastes and soaps are suitable. A silver dip is also a good solution. It contains thiourea, which separates the silver sulfide from the jewelry and can penetrate into the tiniest corners of earrings or the smallest chain links. A tried and true home remedy for cleaning silver jewelry? The use of aluminium foil and salt. To do this, put finely cut aluminium foil and a little salt in a bowl with hot water. In one to two minutes the aluminium will turn black in the water, the silver jewelry will shine again. The whole thing also works with baking soda or citric acid as a home remedy and then quickly brings back the original shine of the silver.


Cleaning gemstones:

Gemstone jewelry is a sensitive one - if you want to clean it, it is best to avoid chemical agents and soap entirely. It is better to hold the jewelry under lukewarm water for a short time and gently remove the dirt with a soft toothbrush, it will also get into the spaces between the socket. Then polish the gemstones dry with a soft cloth.

Clean pearl jewelry:

When cleaning pearl jewelry, the same applies as with precious stones: please keep away from soaps and chemical products! It is best to clean pearl jewelry with water. In order to maintain pearls optimally, you should also polish them regularly with a soft cloth after wearing them.


Storing jewelry: what to look out for:

Not only regular cleaning is important, the correct storage of jewelry is also crucial: jewelry likes to be protected from light and padded - preferably separated in individual compartments. Pearls feel most comfortable in a velvet cloth or in a padded box - here they cannot scratch. Silver jewelry tarnishes less in sealed plastic bags.

And that is also important when dealing with jewelry:

  • Have a lint-free cloth ready: You can clean it immediately after wearing it and rub off sweat and dirt.
  • Do not wear jewelry while doing housework or gardening: Otherwise there is a risk of dents and scratches!
  • Don't just leave jewelry lying around: Dust and air also damage silver & Co.
  • Do not use make-up on jewelry: Many cosmetics contain aggressive substances that can even change the color.
  • Do not wear jewelry on the beach or in the sauna: Extreme temperatures, salty water, sand and sweat are harmful.
  • Do not go to the swimming pool with silver jewelry: chlorine-containing water attacks the surface.
  • Do not clean jewelry with toothpaste: The cleaning particles in the toothpaste can scratch the surface of gold, silver, etc.


Costume jewelry: This helps against annoying coloration

Ever got green fingers after wearing costume jewelry rings? Annoying, ugly - and unnecessary too. Fortunately, we have the ultimate 2-minute solution for you. The only thing you need: clear nail polish. If you brush the inside of your costume jewelry ring with some varnish and let it dry briefly, your fingers have been green discolored for a long time.

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