Kendall and Gigi’s Favorite Jewelry Designer Is Launching a Lower-Priced Line Today

Hollywood Sensation Jewelry

It’s always been important for brands to connect with their customers, but in the age of Instagram, it’s even more crucial—and a lot easier. Dylanlex founder Drew Ginsburg essentially launched her edgy, statement-making jewelry label on the platform in 2013 by posting photos of herself in the jewelry. What started as a fun side-project quickly grew into a huge online business as she built up a following; at a time when minimalist jewelry was all the rage—the tinier, the better!—Dylanlex’s hard-edged, in-your-face aesthetic stood out. Now, Ginsburg is the go-to girl for major jewelry moments, from Beyoncé’s “Formation” video to red carpets.

Lately, her necklaces and chokers have been worn by Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Rihanna—arguably three of the most influential women in the industry right now. Anything they wear tends to sell out, but many of their fans might not be able to justify the price tag of a handmade Dylanlex piece. So after countless pleas for more accessible items, today Ginsburg is releasing Dlnlx by Dylanlex, a 31-piece collection of necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets that start at $45 and max out at $195. Fans of the label will be happy to see that Dlnlx looks nearly identical to Ginsburg’s fancier fare, but might have a few less crystals or a more simplified silhouette.

“It’s always been the plan to evolve into a lifestyle brand,” Ginsburg explains. “To do that, it felt natural to expand our offerings so that they could satisfy a true lifestyle, so we created Dlnlx as a brand of everyday statements.” Ginsburg herself tends to wear several pieces at once—a full arm of cuffs, two necklaces, earrings, and maybe a handful of rings. “Customers would see how great the pieces looked layered together, but would sometimes be disappointed to see how much the full look would cost,” she explains. “For example, in the ‘Formation’ video, Beyoncé is probably wearing $8,000 of Dynalex. With Dlnlx, all of our fans can create their own unique layered looks.”

In fact, Ginsburg credits Beyoncé, Hadid, and Jenner with paving the way for Dlnlx. “Their public support is what really exposed Dylanlex to the masses and allowed us to have a market for a brand like Dlnlx. They helped make our jewelry an aspirational product for a lot of people, and Dlnlx expands that group of people even wider,” she says. Another hugely influential woman she’d like to see in her jewelry? “Michelle Obama,” she adds. “She’s such an amazing person, and she always wears statement pieces so well.” Now that Obama is moving onto the next chapter of her career, she may just be ready for a little Dylanlex edge.

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