How to Choose Necklace Length

How to Choose Necklace Length

Womens necklace length guide. When you are purchasing a new necklace, you will have to pay attention to numerous factors. The length of the necklace holds a prominent place out of them. However, most of the ladies get confused when they are trying to select the perfect necklace length. That's why we thought of creating this article on how to choose the necklace length. 

  • Stick to a necklace length chart

Using a necklace length chart is a simple and straightforward method available for you to pick what length necklace for women. It will help you to understand what the choker length necklace and princess length necklace are. Here’s a quick necklace length chart that you can follow.

Necklace type


Choker necklace

14” to 16”

Princess necklace


Matinee necklace

20” to 24”

Opera necklace


Ropes & Lariats necklace



This necklace length chart is designed according to the standards. For example, you will be using a choker necklace like a collar as it offers a length of 14 inches. You will be wearing that necklace tightly around the neck. You can even follow this guide when you are trying to purchase necklaces for short how to choose necklace length

average necklace length necks.

  • Get a necklace with an adjustable length

If you feel that the standard necklace size is not ideal for you, you will need to think about purchasing a necklace that comes along with an adjustable length. Then you will be able to experiment with different lengths and figure out the best length that matches you. All the ladies who wonder “what size chain should I get?” will be abler to go ahead with this. When you get a necklace with an adjustable length, you will be able to go for a custom length necklace with ease.

  • Pick the length of the necklace according to the shape of your face

You should also be purchasing a necklace that compliments the shape of your face. If you have an oval-shaped face, you will have numerous necklace designs to consider. You don't need to rely too much on a women's necklace length guide because any necklace would look perfect for you.

If you are having a round-shaped face, we recommend you proceed ahead with V-shaped necklaces or longer necklaces. Then you can easily slim down the face. But if you have a heart-shaped face, you will have to look for the complete opposite. In other words, you will need to stick to round and short necklaces as they are in a position to smooth out the angles you have on your face.

  • Buy a necklace that can highlight the best features of you

No matter what necklace you purchase, you need to make sure that it is highlighting the best features of you. This is where you should take a look at the area of your body where the necklace falls. In case if you don’t want to get attention to that area, you should refrain from purchasing a necklace that ends up in there. For example, women who have a small bust should refrain from getting longer necklaces. That’s because it can flatter your body. Hence, you should stick to a necklace that is around 28” to 32" in length. But if you have a fuller figure, you should refrain from purchasing extra-long necklaces. They will not hang properly. You should stick to a necklace that has a length of around 18" to 22”.

  • Match the necklace with your outfit

You should also match the necklace along with your outfit. The shorter necklaces are capable of enhancing the look and feel of your neck area. Hence, you should wear them along with tops, which are providing you the chance to expose the neck area. For example, a choker necklace would look perfect when you have lots of bare skin around it. To get the best results, you will need to go for the tops that have a V-neck, scoop, or sweetheart. You should also refrain from wearing turtlenecks and other related high necklines along with your chokers.

If you wish to make the choker stand out, you should coordinate the design of it along with the design of your top.

Final words

Now you have a clear understanding of how to measure necklace length. Based on these tips, you can measure the average necklace length that you should be getting and go for it. Then you can enhance your good looks with the necklace you purchase from the jewelry store. Necklace lengths women.


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