Finding Antique Engagement Rings And Gifts


Engagement presents are gifts given to the couple at any time throughout their engagement. It celebrates the next significant and important step in their relationship. Antique engagement rings also help the couple out tremendously with useful items for their new shared home or to help them on their way to a fun and memorable honeymoon and life together.
Customized Engagement Rings
One sure way to make a lasting impression is to give a customized engagement present that is designed solely for the special couple. There are several creative ideas that will be cherished forever. For example, you can have a painting made of their engagement portrait. You can create a shadow box of the flowers from all the bouquets he has given her while they were dating. Jewelers can design a special piece of jewelry for the husband to be to give his fiancé to commemorate the official announcement to family and friends. She can then wear this on her wedding day.
Engagement Parties
Engagement parties are the perfect opportunity to give engagement gifts and let family and friends join in the celebration. Gifts given at engagement parties can include linens for their new home, useful small appliances, luggage or towels for a beach honeymoon destination.

Many couples will register at specific stores to make gift giving easier on friends and family and help them get the presents they really want and need. A gift registry will give a full list of everything the couple indicated they would like. There are presents in every price range, so the gift giver can select something appropriate within their budget.

Once someone has purchased an item from the gift registry, it is no longer on the list. This helps avoid duplicate gifts.


More and more couples are having longer engagements. Some are several years long, while others still prefer to tie the knot as soon as possible after getting engaged. It doesn’t matter how soon after the engagement the couple plans to marry, it is still appropriate to give both engagement and wedding presents. The longer the engagement however, the longer the time frame for giving engagement presents.

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