Fall Fashion Trends for Women 2018


It may still be hot out, but it's time to take a look at what's coming up for women's fashion in fall 2018. What can you look forward to this year for fall? Here are some of the trends to look for when the weather starts to cool off.


The neons and ascorbic colors of summer are giving way to an interesting array of grays and blues. In fact, combining navy and black - a no-no in the old school of fashion - is trending this fall. You'll see various ways of combining blue and black, but you'll likely see stripes and lines (more on patterns below).

For whatever reason, colors seem to be calming down in 2018. Reflecting this, classic black is giving way to classic gray. Once a somewhat "stodgy" color, gray is coming back this year. Look for it in straight-lined, corporate-style clothes that present an air of sophistication.


The peplum is not going to be left behind with the close of summer. Designers are adding this ruffly item on to fall dresses, jackets, and skirts. In summer 2018, peplums got almost getting sporty, being paired even with shorts. In fall, peplums take advantage of the layering that usually goes with the season: peplums attached to jackets will bring this trend forward to chilly weather.

Thicker Textures

If you like snuggling deep down into a thick, corded sweater and wrapping up in big, cozy cardigans, then fall 2018 is for you. The trend is for thick textures that are almost bulky, adding heft to coats, sweaters, and even skirts. This is a good year for the cold-natured among us!


As noted above, patterns are stripy - but not just stripes. Lines in all sorts of forms are slicing their way down, up, and across women's clothes this fall. One of the good things about linear patterns is the way they work for various body styles, slimming or accentuating curves as needed. And for those who long for a lengthy torso, stripes and lines can give that illusion.

One way you'll see lines being used is in plaids. You might associate this pattern with men's fashion, but the ladies are getting in on it this year. Plaid has a tendency to play peek-a-boo with layers of more organic patterns, and plaid pants are coming up this year as well.

Ornate Patterns and Textures

In contrast with the calm, straight look that you'll see a lot of, there's a counter-trend in the form of swirly, Baroque, ornamental fashions. This might be just the thing if you are not into the corporate look. Brocades and filigrees are gracing dresses, skirts, and even shoes.

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