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Hollywood Sensation Jewelry & Accessories with one simple mission: to inspire sharing and happiness through beauty and great fashion design. Hollywood Sensation Jewelry Designs all have a boho or indie chic feel. Our Hollywood Sensation Signature Line is delicately handcrafted and designed . The Signature Line consists of handmade jewelry design pieces composed of vibrant semi-precious stones enhanced with gold plated or sterling silver plated chains and ear wires. Our Hollywood Sensation Jewelry Boutique Line is made up of fun boutique pendants, earrings, and bracelets all at attainable prices. Also visit “Our Feature Designers” for fabulous and creative collections, our designs are a reflection of our Parisian roots and easygoing Californian sensibility. We have a direct supplier of the finest freshwater pearls, fine jewelries and high quality  Sterling Silver 925 . As an online retailer, our overhead is much lower than traditional jewelry stores.We are family-owned and operated in Hollywood, CA.  We’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch.

Freshwater pearls are a kind of pearl that comes from freshwater mussels. They are produced in Japan and the United States on a limited scale, but are now almost exclusive to China. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission requires that freshwater pearls be referred to as "freshwater cultured pearls" in commerce.


Freshwater pearl harvests are typically bought while still in the shell. After harvest the pearls are delivered to a first-stage factory, which is responsible for cleaning and sorting the pearls by size and shape. After this process has been completed, the pearls are considered ready material for processing factories. The pearls are pre-treated (maeshori) in a warm and cold chemical solution and then bleached. The pearls that exhibit strong coloration will only go through the maeshori.




After the pearls are bleached they are drilled and then polished with a mixture of cornmeal and wax. Finally they are matched into temporary strands, which are then matched again into hanks. Hanks are composed of 5 to 10 temporary strands and are considered wholesale ready.


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