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What Do Wedding Rings Speak About? 0

Wedding rings are more than what they may look like, a precious combination of metals and stones, as this article speaks citing historical facts.

Wedding Bands: The Perfect Fit 0

Wedding rings symbolize your whole marriage. No one wants to get stuck with a bad wedding ring. Read this article for some useful information.

Three Things You Should Know About Gold Wedding Bands 0

Three Things You Should Know About Gold Wedding Bands

When it comes to buying a gold wedding band, things can get confusing fast. What color gold do you want? What karat will suit your lifestyle?

Thinking About Buying Jewelry Online? Go For It! 0

There are many advantages to buying jewelry online...

The Meaning Of Diamond Promise Rings 0

Diamond promise rings have increased in popularity in recent years. Everyone from celebrity couples to young couples in middle America seems to have them. Promise rings come in a variety of styles and center stones. They can be given for a variety of reasons, but are mostly used by couples intending to marry sometime in the future.

The Meaning of Diamond Promise Rings

Promise rings are usually given as a symbol of love and commitment. They are often given with the int...

The Many Styles Of Celtic Engagement Rings 0

Irish traditions are rich and full of both whimsy and sentiment. This is especially true when it comes to weddings and marriage. The Irish symbolize beautifully the real meaning of marriage with their wedding rings. Celtic engagement rings and wedding bands have a style all their own, but still lend themselves to adding your own personal touches. An antique gold ring with the telltale woven pattern is the perfect symbol of the blending of two lives.
Designing Your Celtic ...

The Latest Trends In Diamond Engagement Rings 0

The engagement ring is a symbol of a promise. The promise is the intention to marry. Such “promise” or “betrothal” rings have probably been around since the 4th century, but their style and has changed dramatically, even if the meaning and tradition remains unchanged.

It began with the Roman Empire. Those betrothed wore an iron ring in private and adorned a more elaborate gold ring during public appearances. The traditional diamond engagement ring didn’t come into play unt...

Platinum - The best choice for engagement and wedding rings 0

Platinum is totally unreactive. Platinum jewekry contains no nickel. 90% of women have a nickel allergy and react to gold jewelry. Platinum engagement rings and wedding bands will never cause any rash or other allergic reaction.

How To Buy Antique Engagement Rings 0

There are as many good reasons to consider purchasing an antique engagement ring as there are reasons for deciding when to pop the question. While modern day jewelers struggle to offer customers something unique and contemporary, the bride-to-be may be more inclined to appreciate the style and inherent charm of an antique. Another perfectly acceptable reason for purchasing antique engagement rings is they often offer buyers a better quality diamond at a lower price than purch...

Finding Great Affordable Engagement Rings 0

If you want to find affordable engagement rings that don’t look like you compromised on quality they can be found in a variety of places. You just need to know where to look and what to look for. You can put together an engagement ring that will dazzle her and appraise for much more than you paid for it.

Ways to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

There are many ways to save money on an engagement ring and yet still have it be every bit as special – maybe even more so. ...

Diamond Anniversary Bands: Celebrating Memories of Togetherness 0

A diamond anniversary band celebrates the everlasting nature of love and is a beautiful reminder of long cherished memories. Beautifully crafted and well-designed unique diamond anniversary bands make for the perfect gift to express your love for each other. Whether you buy a pair of anniversary bands or buy an individual band, these rings celebrate those years of togetherness and the moments spent together.

Choosing a Perfect Wedding Ring - Lifetime Of Gold or Silver 0

How Warm Gold or Cool Silver denotes what you feel, By Choosing a perfect Wedding Ring you have just taken the right steps in making the perfect marriage.