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The Mystery Of The Opal 0

There is no other stone that has the mystery of the opal.  With its fiery colors and magnificent spectrum of color it draws you in and you are helpless to look away.

Birthstone Meaning 0

This article summarizes the meaning of the various types of birthstones from January to December.

Birthstone Jewelry Beliefs and Celebrity Birthdays 0

Wearing birthstone jewelry is very popular today. Not only is it fashionable; somehow, it also makes the item feel more personal and part of the wearer’s personality. Almost all gems are believed to be imbued with some special sort of power and this is one of the reasons why it is considered lucky to wear birthstone jewelry. Let’s look at some of the mystical properties and beliefs about these special gems and some famous people who would wear them.

April Celebrities Share The Diamond Birthstone With You 0

If you are still young enough to admit you have birthdays and your birthday falls in April then you already know the diamond is April’s birthstones.  Celebrities who already have a love affair with diamonds are even more apt to be seen wearing diamonds if their birthday is in April.