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Necklaces For Women

Necklaces For Women

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What in the World Is Moissanite? The Worlds Newest Jewelry Stone

I've heard of moissanite, what is it?
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Synthetic Diamonds - Breakthrough Gem Material Bests Mined Diamonds And Moissanite

Science Impinges On The Diamond Cartel’s Stranglehold: Innovation spawns a flawless mined diamond preference. Polycrystalline diamond-simulant gem material trumps mined diamonds with more fire! At a miniscule fraction of the cost of both natural diamonds and moissanite, they cut glass, display perfect color, and have no birthmarks!

How To Buy Antique Engagement Rings

There are as many good reasons to consider purchasing an antique engagement ring as there are reasons for deciding when to pop the question. While modern day jewelers struggle to offer customers something unique and contemporary, the bride-to-be may be more inclined to appreciate the style and inherent charm of an antique. Another perfectly acceptable reason for purchasing antique engagement rings is they often offer buyers a better quality diamond at a lower price than purch...