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Women’s Guide to Getting Their Dream Diamond Engagement Ring 0

How can women get their dream diamond engagement ring when it is the boyfriend making the purchase and wanting it to be a surprise?  To find the answer you need to understand your man’s thought process.  After all, he is shopping for a diamond, the symbol of his love for you.

Why Jewelry Stores Dislike Knowledgeable Customers 0

For decades, jewelers have had enjoyed the position of being the “keepers” of the knowledge about diamonds and gemstones.  They stood behind jewelry counters and shared little tidbits of information about jewels to shoppers.  The jeweler seemed to be talking down to the shopper, making them feel as if they should be grateful to even be in the store or touch the precious gems in the display case.

Why Buy Diamonds 0

“Why buy diamonds” gives an introduction to buying diamonds as well as a brief history of symbols and traditions of diamond jewelry.

Where Diamonds are Mined 0

The Argye mine located in the Kimberley region
in the far north east of Western Australia.
Owned by Rio Tinto, this mine is the world’s
largest single producer of volume of
diamonds. However, due to low proportion
of gem quality diamonds it is not the value
leader. It does produce 90-95% of the
world’s supply of pink diamonds.

Diavik is also owned by Rio Tinto, located in
Canada it is a very large mine. It is located
north of Yellowknife...

What Your Jeweler Would Not Want You To Know 0

Are you thinking of buying some jewelry? You should know that buying jewelry is not free of risks.

What You Always Wanted To Know About Diamond Vs Moissanite 0

This article was written to answer many of the most frequently asked questions on this topic. I hope you find this information helpful.

Whether to choose a diamond or a moissanite is actually a matter of choice. Moissanite is gorgeous, eye-catching jewelry and is budget-friendly. It does, however, represent a far less valuable financial investment, meaning the market and resale value is lower. It really depends on what the purchase is for.

To the untrained eye, it is al...

What Else Can You Do With Diamonds? 0

There are Synthetic Diamonds and Natural Diamonds.

There is something so special about diamonds, and they are so valuable, that people have been trying to make them for a long time.

Synthetic diamonds were first produced in 1953, in Stockholm ,Sweden by ASEA ,Sweden's major electrical manufacturing company. Pressure was maintained within a device at an estimated 83,000 atmospheres for an hour to produce these diamonds.

It now seems that it is possible to make diamonds in a laboratory so perfect down to the same atomic structure that DeBeers, the world's largest diamond consortium, is running scared.

Tips For Choosing Diamonds 0

Facts on Diamonds

It was more than 2800 years ago that the first diamonds were mined in India. In actuality, diamonds are much older than one would think. Most diamonds we find today are at least 900 million years old. Experts believe that the oldest known diamond is around 3.2 billion years old. Each mined diamond is completely unique. To the trained eye, one can find that there are no two diamonds that are precisely the same.

When learning how to purchase a diamond, t...

Tips for Buying Big Diamonds on a Small Budget 0

Few diamond shoppers can walk into a high-end jewelry store and buy a 5-carat, D color, Internally Flawless diamond with Ideal cut parameters.  If you are like most diamond shoppers, you have a limited budget.  However, you still want to get the biggest and most beautiful diamond within your budget.  You can take some simple steps that will ensure you get the biggest diamond possible.

There's More To Buying A Diamond Than The Price 0

Of course the price will be one of the factors that will influence your decision of whether to buy a diamond or not, but it is not the only one. Not knowing anything about gems may make you buy one of an inferior quality. This is the reason why knowing the fundamental points needed when purchasing a diamond can help. These are the 4 Cs: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight.

Once you have learned the 4 Cs it will be easier for you to choose the right diamond. Here we have ...
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The Tradition Of The Diamond Engagement Ring 0

Most little girls grow up dreaming of the moment that their knight in shining armor gets down on one knee and proposes. It is a romantic gesture that is topped off with the perfect accessory, the engagement ring. Most little girls dream of that perfect diamond atop their ring finger, gleaming and bright. The engagement ring has a very old and interesting history that began thousands of years ago. The traditional diamond engagement ring that we know of today is actually a fair...

The Importance Of A Diamond's Cut 0

Diamonds are most cherished because of their beauty, and the beauty of a diamond is largely dependent on the way it was cut.