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Yellow Diamonds – Good Luck Diamonds 0

Yellow Diamonds are cherished gem stones for their gorgeous color, exotic appearance and mystic power.

Women’s Guide to Getting Their Dream Diamond Engagement Ring 0

How can women get their dream diamond engagement ring when it is the boyfriend making the purchase and wanting it to be a surprise?  To find the answer you need to understand your man’s thought process.  After all, he is shopping for a diamond, the symbol of his love for you.

Why Buy Diamonds 0

“Why buy diamonds” gives an introduction to buying diamonds as well as a brief history of symbols and traditions of diamond jewelry.

Tips for Buying Big Diamonds on a Small Budget 0

Few diamond shoppers can walk into a high-end jewelry store and buy a 5-carat, D color, Internally Flawless diamond with Ideal cut parameters.  If you are like most diamond shoppers, you have a limited budget.  However, you still want to get the biggest and most beautiful diamond within your budget.  You can take some simple steps that will ensure you get the biggest diamond possible.

Protect Your Jewelry When Traveling 0

If you have travel plans in your future, think carefully if you really need to take all your expensive jewelry.  The risk of theft, loss and damage increases as soon as you start your trip because you are in new surroundings, doing new activities and often in tourist areas that are the target of pickpockets, thieves and con artists.

Keep the Sparkle in Your Diamond 0

Diamonds are extremely hard and durable.  Take care of your diamond by avoiding breaks and scratches and keep it clean.  With good care, your diamond will have the same sparkle and beauty in ten, a hundred or a thousand years.  Diamonds do not fade, tarnish or wear out like most materials.  The secret to keeping a diamond’s sparkle is keeping it clean.

How to Find the Best Wedding Jewelry 0

When it comes time to get married, you have a lot of things on your mind. In addition to all of the planning that goes into a wedding, you have big decisions to make on wedding jewelry. The engagement ring, for instance, is the first thing you have to think about.

How to choose a diamond? 0

When buying a diamond it is very easy to get carried away. Before you begin shopping determine a budget. Only you can decide what amount is comfortable for you. But remember - Diamonds are expensive

Diamonds and it's complexion?! 0

Diamonds with much greater shade of yellow has definitely lesser value. But it shows sparkle when it posses a shade of yellow while when if it is white it shows sparkling shine

Diamond Jewelry Appraisals - Are they Worth It? 0

Learn about diamond jewelry appraisals and how they can benefit you today and in the future...

Cleaning and Storage Tips for Diamond Earrings, Pendants and Jewelry 0

Here are some helpful tips for cleaning and storing your precious diamond, rings, diamond earrings, pendants, and jewelry...

Buying Diamonds: Selecting the Best Company 0

Diamond shoppers today have more choices than ever on where to buy their diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings and other diamond jewelry items. However, with greater selections come bigger potential risks and rewards. You need to do your homework and understand how to select the best company for your diamond purchase.